Spring Piccy

As I haven't uploaded from my camera, i thought i'd add a pic of me with a little chicky.


Checkin' In


It is I. Once again having not done anything creative, per say.

I have been busy and my mom was transferred to a rehab like hospie. The last couple of days she is doing a lot better. Though we don't know when she'll be back home just yet.

I do have photos to share and lots of them infact (i will have to post them later or tomorrow).

Having started a mega clean up, most of my place is full of boxes and craft stuff. Yesterday i invited my friend Gemma for an inspection and spot of advise on my crafting quarters. Following which i moved my desk and made room for a new book case (bought and put up yesterday) as well as 3 more sets of metal drawer units (i now have 10) i my BF built for me last night & 2 are stil awaiting assembly.

Gemma came over again today and post inspection 2, she suggested i do workshops, yeay! Brill, i always wanted to do workshops, even just for friends. But i thought i'd need an outlet, but it seems i could do them from my "craft studio", (It's my way of getting respect for my passion, as other family members have their funny thoughts about my creative pursuits).

Anyway i like the idea, makes it real that i'll be able to do something like that so soon.

Much is happening here at the moment and i am doing most of my creative clean up at night till the morning light chases me to bed. Then it all begins again. :-)

Franci is back at work after a while off with a broken foot, so she has not shown me any new cards as yet :-) I'll have the craft bug bite her again when my 'craft studio' is ready for working in again.

There is so much dust, as i had a lot of stuff stored in the room since the summer (not craft stuff i might add) so i am holding back from doing anything until i have it all in order or near enough so i can clean my floors properly, as i have wooden floors, even after sweeping, you move a thing or 2 and you're more dust appears.

Well i could write more about my efforts, but until you see the photos of what was and that which i'm aiming for, it's a little boring i'm sure.

On a different note, i have 1 coment and one follower - yeah! Thank you Granny Ruth :-)

Well off i go to....


... yup, clean!


Nothing Much

Just sopping in to say hello.

I have had an unproductive last week and weekend in terms of crafting.

I organised a Birthday bash for my bro, with Franci and we celebrated the entire weekend, exhausting.

Also my mom went into hospie, so please keep her in your thoughts, she has an infection and is still in the hospie for observation.

Besides that i have begun a serious clear out and clean up of my studio, tonight i did a fair bit, so progress is notacble now.

Aside from that i have been devouring brilliant blogs of other card makers, my fave craft and have entered a competition to win some georgous stamps. I will add more details and sites as i get a few mins to work on my blog, because in all truth after the beautiful blogs i have seen, i am rather ashamed of my poor looking effort for a blog here and my crappy pics.

So i hope to get more cleaning done this week (so i can actually settle down to my card making) and make some improvements on here & get my blog looking as gourgeous as the ones i've been enjoying these last few days.

Wishing you a wonderful week