Mother's Little Helper

I just wanted to share with you all, my delight of winning blog candy from Carole - Mother's Little Helper. Carole has revamped her blog and it's looking lovely, very bright & colourful.
I am adding a picture of the goodies & a link to her site.

Carole is doing a detox and i know it isn't easy, so it would be great if you can leave her some nice comments on her blog and offer her some support, her discipline is admirable. You will find her updates on there also.

Can't wait to enjoy my new surprise. Will keep you posted when it arrives and i hope to have some cards to show for it in the next few weeks.

Hedgehog Happy

Here's another card i have made recently with the Penny Black stickeroos, with chalks, Amy R sentiments, Prima Marketing & C.C. Designs flowers, nestabilities & papermania BG paper.

I have a few more i have made like these, all simple, but nice.

Birthday Card for Shary

I haven't made many cards recently, must catch up with some photos too,
this card is using Penny Black stickeroos, chalks, Amy R sentiments, nestabilities and papermania paper.

Hope to make this blog a little nicer slowly but surely & have changed the header with matching background, courtesy of Delightful Dots.

I have also added some Blog Candy that is on offer from a couple of other generous bloggers, which you can see in the margin.

Enjoy Monika


Valentine card pics

I know, it's a little out of date, but seeing as i haven't posted in so long, i wanted to back track and share some of my cards.

These were really popular and were sold to friends, helps me keep my craft tin happy & buy more goodies.


Just posting some pics

In view of my long absence, i wanted to post a few pics of my most recent cards.

I can't wait to get cracking on my ATS stamps which i got a whole 3 weeks ago and also the 3 sets i got from TCP last week - they took a month to arrive.

The cards i am adding were for a friends daughter's 1st bi'day, Mother's day cards and urm... yes just those for now.

I will be better at adding info on the stamps and bits i use on the cards, but i just wanted to add some eye candy for now. Any questions i'll be happy to respond.

Any advise on how to make my blog as beautiful as many stampers, will be most welcome.

Happy Mad Monday (night) Moni


Spring Piccy

As I haven't uploaded from my camera, i thought i'd add a pic of me with a little chicky.


Checkin' In


It is I. Once again having not done anything creative, per say.

I have been busy and my mom was transferred to a rehab like hospie. The last couple of days she is doing a lot better. Though we don't know when she'll be back home just yet.

I do have photos to share and lots of them infact (i will have to post them later or tomorrow).

Having started a mega clean up, most of my place is full of boxes and craft stuff. Yesterday i invited my friend Gemma for an inspection and spot of advise on my crafting quarters. Following which i moved my desk and made room for a new book case (bought and put up yesterday) as well as 3 more sets of metal drawer units (i now have 10) i my BF built for me last night & 2 are stil awaiting assembly.

Gemma came over again today and post inspection 2, she suggested i do workshops, yeay! Brill, i always wanted to do workshops, even just for friends. But i thought i'd need an outlet, but it seems i could do them from my "craft studio", (It's my way of getting respect for my passion, as other family members have their funny thoughts about my creative pursuits).

Anyway i like the idea, makes it real that i'll be able to do something like that so soon.

Much is happening here at the moment and i am doing most of my creative clean up at night till the morning light chases me to bed. Then it all begins again. :-)

Franci is back at work after a while off with a broken foot, so she has not shown me any new cards as yet :-) I'll have the craft bug bite her again when my 'craft studio' is ready for working in again.

There is so much dust, as i had a lot of stuff stored in the room since the summer (not craft stuff i might add) so i am holding back from doing anything until i have it all in order or near enough so i can clean my floors properly, as i have wooden floors, even after sweeping, you move a thing or 2 and you're more dust appears.

Well i could write more about my efforts, but until you see the photos of what was and that which i'm aiming for, it's a little boring i'm sure.

On a different note, i have 1 coment and one follower - yeah! Thank you Granny Ruth :-)

Well off i go to....


... yup, clean!


Nothing Much

Just sopping in to say hello.

I have had an unproductive last week and weekend in terms of crafting.

I organised a Birthday bash for my bro, with Franci and we celebrated the entire weekend, exhausting.

Also my mom went into hospie, so please keep her in your thoughts, she has an infection and is still in the hospie for observation.

Besides that i have begun a serious clear out and clean up of my studio, tonight i did a fair bit, so progress is notacble now.

Aside from that i have been devouring brilliant blogs of other card makers, my fave craft and have entered a competition to win some georgous stamps. I will add more details and sites as i get a few mins to work on my blog, because in all truth after the beautiful blogs i have seen, i am rather ashamed of my poor looking effort for a blog here and my crappy pics.

So i hope to get more cleaning done this week (so i can actually settle down to my card making) and make some improvements on here & get my blog looking as gourgeous as the ones i've been enjoying these last few days.

Wishing you a wonderful week


Make It - Farnborough

Well it's been a few days since i have been here not because i have been busy with my crafts so much.

The show was excellent and i only wish they would keep going till 7pm instead of 5pm.

The drive took a little longer than anticipated, but once at the show it was pure eye candy.

I bought many things, some i have photos of, which i can share right away & more i will add as i get them on camera.

I am really taken by Copic marker pens, which are alcohol based, (used in the Manga Comics) which you can blend with as you would using watercolours and they have a great colour scheme & system. I will say more about them as i get to work using them.

I got some quilling bits, card, metallic paints, as well as some cosmic shimmer mica pigments and paints. Franci bought me 13 bags of glitter, i look forward to working with them too.

My main expense seems to have been on clear stamps and sets, mostly penny black, but others too. Again i will have to post as i go along and share, how i am using them.

Franci bought a starter card kit in a tool box with loads of different bits & proceeded to make her first card - the bug has bugged her :-) see pic of her making her card in poll position above.

I am working on my different colouring mediums this evening and so will keep this short so i can go and colour my stamped images.

So in the mean time i hope you'll enjoy the pics where you'll see Franci and me, Inc. my trolley which was being laughed about :-)

The fifth pic shows Quilling papers which arrived in sat's post upon return from the show. The link is under my cool links - Quilling supplies, where i ordered from. So much excitement and fun in one day & it didn't end with the show!

Warm wishes for Wednesday


Origami Attempt

I'm more excited than yesterday about tomorrows show. I have prepared my camera (with a charged battery-at the last show i took 5 pics before my battery conked out :-( not this time. All set).
I also have my big trolley where i have a yarn stash - which i've emptied out now. My boyfriend has already laughed at the fact that i'm taking the trolley (it's like the older ladies styles) just bigger brighter & bolder in orange and white.

What else can i add. I am sitting with Franci now and we are about to cook some carbonara (well, i'm the helper cos Franci makes a mean carbonara & i'm still learning).

Well my tummy is a-grumble and i have yet to express how it took me 40 mins to make an origami flower; not very well either, might i add. To add insult to injury (as the photos don't lie) not only does it look crap, as in not resembling the Fleur E'toile (have a look at the video bar off the pink flower, that's what i attempted), the video demo is 2.23 mins to complete it from start to finish.

So i share my learning as well as my talents. Puts me off a bit though when i mess something up & i want to someone to show me how, as you can ask questions, which videos don't.

Lastly i have won a cork quilling board, which i'll take a pic of when it arrives. Again on e-bay for £4.25 (inc. postage) - another deal.

I shall be off to the kitchen now... with Franci my personal chef
and so... to the show i get ready to go...

Have a great weekend Moni

Update on Hello Kitty

Since my last post i haven't done much in the way of "other crafts" so i am just going to post a pic of my progress on my Hello Kitty project.
Usually i wouldn't go for something so big, but so far, so good.
I often get bored doing a single project so apart from making cards, i will usually have many projects on the go under each craft that i do.

On the X-stitch front i have a popcorn bookmark i started, which has only had a single session spent on it to date & i also have another small-ish popcorn pic i was stitching, but haven't gotten back to for a few weeks since i made a mistake.

As for the Hello Kitty, it's more interesting as i am skipping from one part to another so i can work with different colours. So that's the only reason i have done so much on it. I have worked on it for three nights, one night was dedicated to the blue flower and the rest was finishing the green flower, some background (goes quick and is motivating as a larger area comes to life) and now i am doing a little bit more of the pink on the flower petals. When i get that done, i will go back to fill in some more background colour.

Other new stuff. Well i am totally excited about the up coming make it show, bit put off by the drive to Farnborough - just laziness. I am going to that on Saturday with my friend Franci. I know why i'm excited, but it's cool to have someone else excited who doesn't craft much (YET). I feel the craft bug will get her on the weekend :-)

Besides that, i won a bid on e-bay yesterday, for 3 packs of quilling papers for£3.49 inc. postage, so about half price. Will post a pic when they arrive. Though i feel my camera skills will be put to the test before they arrive, when i go to the show.
Either way i will be sharing in my crafting delights over the next few days.

I also have a couple of card orders, both birthday cards, one quilled for the weekend and the other is using whatever technique i feel will capture the topic.
I must say for all the critisism of men, not only have they been very complimentary about my cards, they are also my best customers.

I have also to admit my own naughtiness, as i gave my dad a card for Valentine's Day which i made, but i bought a cool stamp several weeks back for my boyfriend. I have failed twice now, firstly on his birthday this month i organised a surprise party with Franci for him and i ran out of time, got busy with a couple of cards for order and 'other' work that i didn't even make him a Valentine's card. I will make it for him, but it's not nice that i didn't do it on time.

Well i shall sign out and be back with more pics, news, fun and excitement.

Have fun the weekend begins today.



I learnt to Quill this weekend

I am back, to share some more photos really, because i am having fun.
So i am posting my current endeavours.


Kitty Cross Stitch Project

I'm back, i had to take a couple of photos to get something colourful happening on my new blog, so i am adding the x-stitch project i have been working on this evening.

I started it about 2 weeks ago, but i decided to learn how to quill this week, so more of my time has been spent on that. Which i shall also be adding photos of.

I will intermittently add my progress with each project as and when there is a little improvement worthwhile seeing (which in my case doesn't need to be much for me to show off - ROFL).

The Beginning...

For now i am just saying hello, so i can get my bearings on this new blog format.

I like crafting and have had a lot of fun and inspiration from others blog, so i figured i could do the same in return and be inspired to be motivated by sharing crafty stuff on here as well as my own projects.

I love a multitude of crafts and can't wait for this weekends make it show in Farnborough, this weekend. So my likes will become apparent as i post more on the various topics.

Be happy
Monika :-)