Origami Attempt

I'm more excited than yesterday about tomorrows show. I have prepared my camera (with a charged battery-at the last show i took 5 pics before my battery conked out :-( not this time. All set).
I also have my big trolley where i have a yarn stash - which i've emptied out now. My boyfriend has already laughed at the fact that i'm taking the trolley (it's like the older ladies styles) just bigger brighter & bolder in orange and white.

What else can i add. I am sitting with Franci now and we are about to cook some carbonara (well, i'm the helper cos Franci makes a mean carbonara & i'm still learning).

Well my tummy is a-grumble and i have yet to express how it took me 40 mins to make an origami flower; not very well either, might i add. To add insult to injury (as the photos don't lie) not only does it look crap, as in not resembling the Fleur E'toile (have a look at the video bar off the pink flower, that's what i attempted), the video demo is 2.23 mins to complete it from start to finish.

So i share my learning as well as my talents. Puts me off a bit though when i mess something up & i want to someone to show me how, as you can ask questions, which videos don't.

Lastly i have won a cork quilling board, which i'll take a pic of when it arrives. Again on e-bay for £4.25 (inc. postage) - another deal.

I shall be off to the kitchen now... with Franci my personal chef
and so... to the show i get ready to go...

Have a great weekend Moni

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