Update on Hello Kitty

Since my last post i haven't done much in the way of "other crafts" so i am just going to post a pic of my progress on my Hello Kitty project.
Usually i wouldn't go for something so big, but so far, so good.
I often get bored doing a single project so apart from making cards, i will usually have many projects on the go under each craft that i do.

On the X-stitch front i have a popcorn bookmark i started, which has only had a single session spent on it to date & i also have another small-ish popcorn pic i was stitching, but haven't gotten back to for a few weeks since i made a mistake.

As for the Hello Kitty, it's more interesting as i am skipping from one part to another so i can work with different colours. So that's the only reason i have done so much on it. I have worked on it for three nights, one night was dedicated to the blue flower and the rest was finishing the green flower, some background (goes quick and is motivating as a larger area comes to life) and now i am doing a little bit more of the pink on the flower petals. When i get that done, i will go back to fill in some more background colour.

Other new stuff. Well i am totally excited about the up coming make it show, bit put off by the drive to Farnborough - just laziness. I am going to that on Saturday with my friend Franci. I know why i'm excited, but it's cool to have someone else excited who doesn't craft much (YET). I feel the craft bug will get her on the weekend :-)

Besides that, i won a bid on e-bay yesterday, for 3 packs of quilling papers for£3.49 inc. postage, so about half price. Will post a pic when they arrive. Though i feel my camera skills will be put to the test before they arrive, when i go to the show.
Either way i will be sharing in my crafting delights over the next few days.

I also have a couple of card orders, both birthday cards, one quilled for the weekend and the other is using whatever technique i feel will capture the topic.
I must say for all the critisism of men, not only have they been very complimentary about my cards, they are also my best customers.

I have also to admit my own naughtiness, as i gave my dad a card for Valentine's Day which i made, but i bought a cool stamp several weeks back for my boyfriend. I have failed twice now, firstly on his birthday this month i organised a surprise party with Franci for him and i ran out of time, got busy with a couple of cards for order and 'other' work that i didn't even make him a Valentine's card. I will make it for him, but it's not nice that i didn't do it on time.

Well i shall sign out and be back with more pics, news, fun and excitement.

Have fun the weekend begins today.


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