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It is I. Once again having not done anything creative, per say.

I have been busy and my mom was transferred to a rehab like hospie. The last couple of days she is doing a lot better. Though we don't know when she'll be back home just yet.

I do have photos to share and lots of them infact (i will have to post them later or tomorrow).

Having started a mega clean up, most of my place is full of boxes and craft stuff. Yesterday i invited my friend Gemma for an inspection and spot of advise on my crafting quarters. Following which i moved my desk and made room for a new book case (bought and put up yesterday) as well as 3 more sets of metal drawer units (i now have 10) i my BF built for me last night & 2 are stil awaiting assembly.

Gemma came over again today and post inspection 2, she suggested i do workshops, yeay! Brill, i always wanted to do workshops, even just for friends. But i thought i'd need an outlet, but it seems i could do them from my "craft studio", (It's my way of getting respect for my passion, as other family members have their funny thoughts about my creative pursuits).

Anyway i like the idea, makes it real that i'll be able to do something like that so soon.

Much is happening here at the moment and i am doing most of my creative clean up at night till the morning light chases me to bed. Then it all begins again. :-)

Franci is back at work after a while off with a broken foot, so she has not shown me any new cards as yet :-) I'll have the craft bug bite her again when my 'craft studio' is ready for working in again.

There is so much dust, as i had a lot of stuff stored in the room since the summer (not craft stuff i might add) so i am holding back from doing anything until i have it all in order or near enough so i can clean my floors properly, as i have wooden floors, even after sweeping, you move a thing or 2 and you're more dust appears.

Well i could write more about my efforts, but until you see the photos of what was and that which i'm aiming for, it's a little boring i'm sure.

On a different note, i have 1 coment and one follower - yeah! Thank you Granny Ruth :-)

Well off i go to....


... yup, clean!

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