Nothing Much

Just sopping in to say hello.

I have had an unproductive last week and weekend in terms of crafting.

I organised a Birthday bash for my bro, with Franci and we celebrated the entire weekend, exhausting.

Also my mom went into hospie, so please keep her in your thoughts, she has an infection and is still in the hospie for observation.

Besides that i have begun a serious clear out and clean up of my studio, tonight i did a fair bit, so progress is notacble now.

Aside from that i have been devouring brilliant blogs of other card makers, my fave craft and have entered a competition to win some georgous stamps. I will add more details and sites as i get a few mins to work on my blog, because in all truth after the beautiful blogs i have seen, i am rather ashamed of my poor looking effort for a blog here and my crappy pics.

So i hope to get more cleaning done this week (so i can actually settle down to my card making) and make some improvements on here & get my blog looking as gourgeous as the ones i've been enjoying these last few days.

Wishing you a wonderful week

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  1. Granny's Apron Strings5/3/09 03:35

    Hope your mother gets well soon! Happy to have you reviewing Granny's Apron Strings. I'm not computer "savvy" like Kentucky Girl, my daughter, but I so enjoy seeing the things you girls make. My "crafts" are ages old - sewing and crocheting. I have done some quilling, but not for years. I'm glad to know someone is still quilling. I'll keep up with you! luv, Granny Ruth